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Karen Fairbrass

Physiotherapist - Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner

Matrix Repatterning

Muskoka, Ontario

About Karen, BScPT, CMRP Physiotherapist - Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner

Karen Fairbrass

Strive to live life painfree

Karen has dedicated her career to developing the most effective manual therapy skills, to provide her clients effective and lasting results. In her search to provide quality healthcare at the highest possible level, Karen became a Matrix Repatterning Practitioner in 2011. Karen assists, founder Dr. Roth, in training healthcare professionals from across North America to become Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners. Karen’s 32 years of work at hospitals such as Southlake Regional Health Center, St. John’s Rehabilitation Hospital and Scarborough General Hospital has given her a wealth of experience in not only orthopedics and sports injury, but cardiac surgery and rehab, neurology and cardiorespiratory conditions. She brings all of these skills to her private practices in Gravenhurst.

Karen is an avid recreational athlete and is no stranger to injury. She knows the need for accurate diagnosis and treatment for a successful return to sport.

Karen has competed in the Boston Marathon. She was a competitive X-Country skier during university. She worked at Lake Louise as a ski patroller. She now enjoys recreational hockey and has recently joined the Gravenhurst Curling Club. Karen volunteers her physio skills to the Canadian Waterski Show Team, where her daughters are team members.

Now living in Muskoka with her husband Brad, she looks forward to making a strong contribution to her new community.

  • Credentials

  • Matrix Repatterning Head Injury Program, Level 1, 2011
  • Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioner, 2011
  • McKenzie Approach - Parts A, B, C
  • Training in Maitland, Sahramnn, Lyn Watson, Level 1
  • University of Toronto – Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, 1985

Matrix Repatterning

What is Matrix Repatterning?
Matrix Repatterning is a form of manual therapy which allows a practitioner to identify the root cause of pain and through a gentle hands-on technique, helps to provide effective, lasting results.
How does Matrix Repatterning work?
Matrix Repatterning treats the body as a continuous fabric of cells. Energy from impact injuries through sports, falls and car accidents, can have a profound effect on the dense structures of the body. Fluid filled organs and bone are the densest structures of the body. They can be the cause of surprising and unexpected symptoms. Matrix Repatterning helps to identify these areas, treat them, decrease pain and restore function and motion. The beauty of Matrix Repatterning is that it helps to determine the source of a client’s symptoms (pain, stiffness, instability, to name a few) which often are in a surprisingly different area from where the symptom is felt. The key in treating clients effectively, is to successfully find the source of the symptom.
Who can benefit from treatment?

Matrix Repatterning can benefit young and old. Anyone who has had a fall or any sort of physical trauma in their lifetime, may benefit from a treatment.

Matrix Repatterning helps to normalize the energy stored in the cellular matrix of the body when energy is trapped from an impact. This trapped energy can cause restrictions in the body. Matrix repatterning identifies these restrictions, helps to normalize them thus, resolving the pain, stiffness and other symptoms associated with them.

Matrix Repatterning helps with:

  • Headaches, Concussions
  • Spinal pain and stiffness
  • Joint pain and stiffness
  • Vertigo
  • TMJ
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Bunion pain and stiffness

Please contact me to see how I may be able to help you.

Why have you chosen Matrix Repatterning?
Karen: During my career as a physiotherapist, I have searched for the most effective, lasting treatment for my patients. Matrix Repatterning was the missing piece of the puzzle which has allowed me to take my practice to the level which I have been searching for.
Matrix Man

Areas of focus

Orthopaedic / Sports Injury / Concussions / Post Surgical Joint Replacement